Sick Pet Care in Bourne, MA

What our clients say:

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Having a sick pet is very stressful - you want your friend to get well as quickly as possible, but you are not always sure when it is necessary to have him or her seen by the doctor. Contact us today for more on sick pet care in Bourne, MA.


Here are some signs that your pet needs to come in to make sure he/she is OK:


  • vomiting (more than once)

  • diarrhea that lasts more than a day

  • refusal to eat or drink or eating less

  • lethargy, not wanting to move

  • lameness

  • "just not feeling right"

   to just name a few symptoms


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"My mini Rex bunny had an minor accident this past Saturday morning and his regular vet is not open. I called and they had us bring him in right away. Dr. Herbs was very nice and friendly and had extensive experience with rabbits and other small animals considered exotics. Their prices are also very reasonable for the Cape area. They also called me on Monday to check up on him. All in all I was very pleased with the whole experience and will continue to use them as a secondary vet for my animals who are all ready established with other vets in the area."

"Dr Herbst and Dr Lavelli are not simply brilliant vets - they treat your pet like they are their own. Dr. Herbst diagnosed and treated my rescue dog Cleopatra, who was deathly ill with pancreatitis 3 years ago, for four days in the office - and she bounced back to life :)I was so happy not to have to go to a pet hospital and leave her with a vet that I was not familiar with.

Unfortunately Clea was hit by a car the following year. When at the hospital, I called Dr Herbst for guidance and support. Her staff called me several times when she was in ICU. And when Clea had to be euthanized, not only called me, her entire staff signed the sympathy card that I received a few days later. Their thoughtfulness and compassion helped me through a very difficult time."