Pet Adoption Exams in Bourne, MA


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You just saved a Life...

 Congratulations on your new family member!


We at All Pets Medical Center, LLC support and encourage responsible rescuing of animals. 

To give you peace of mind we are happy to offer a Free Adoption Exam* to your pet. Let's make sure that your new companion is healthy with a thorough head-to-tail exam. We will be happy to discuss any questions you might have.


Exam must be within 4 weeks of adopting animal as supported by paperwork. Please bring adoption papers you received from the rescue organization


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Our WIllie, rescued in 2011

What our clients say:

"Dr. Herbst and her staff are the best. When it was time for our dogs to pass over they were so compassionate and caring. We couldn't have gotten through it without them."

"I have been searching for a great vet for sometime now and I thank the Lord above for sending me to All Pets Medical and Dr. Herbst. She has compassion for all animals and understands the needs or their owners too! I would never go elsewhere!"

"Great place. Great staff. Very happy with all services they have provided. Be sure to say hi to Willie the cat!"