Your pet's bad breath is not just unpleasant- it often is a sign of dental disease.

Just like in people, tarter and plaque build up on animal teeth as well. This buildup is full of bacteria which can cross over into the blood stream and cause heart disease. In addition, bacterial infections in the mouth lead to gingivitis and cavities with loss of teeth as the ultimate result.

Remember -  dental disease is just as painful for your pet as it is for us.  They  usually will not show any symptoms and keep on eating - even if it hurts!


Not sure if your pet's mouth is healthy?


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A Dental Procedure includes:


  • Pre-anesthetic pain injection

  • Intravenous catheter and i.v. fluids

  • Anesthesia with patient monitoring by trained anesthesia technician

  • Propofol Injection  (considered the safest induction medication)

  • Comprehensive Oral Exam ( checking for inflammation, masses, etc)

  • Dental Cleaning, Ultrasonic scaling and polishing of teeth

  • Comprehensive Blood Panel (Complete Chemistry, CBC, Thyroid check  and Urinalysis)

  • Dental radiographs

What might we find during the oral exam/ radiographs?

   - gingival pockets requiring treatment

   - decayed dental roots 

   - cavities in teeth

   - fractured teeth

   - oral/ gingival masses

All of these are very painful conditions for your pet!

What happens if we find disease?

- we will give you a call and discuss a treatment plan

Dental Tips for Petowners


1. The Breath Test:

Sniff your dog's breath. A little fishy? Not to worry- normal doggie breath is not particularly fresh-smelling. However, if his breath is especially offensive, move on to ...


2. The Lip Service:

Gently lift your dog's or cat's lip to reveal the teeth. Look at the teeth and gums. Teeth should be clean, without any sign of tartar. Gums should be pink, smooth with no redness or bleeding.


3. Signs of Oral Disease:

The following are signs that your pet may have a problem in his mouth and should be checked by a veterinarian:

  • Bad breath

  • Excessive drooling

  • Inflamed gums

  • Swelling of gums

  • Loose teeth

  • Pain when eating (seems hungry but shies away from food)

4.Tooth brushing at Home

Use gauze as a toothbrush- wrap it around your finger and use toothpaste (available at your veterinarian). Rub gauze gently on outside of teeth and along the gumline. Most dog's will tolerate this quite well when used to it. Start with one tooth and work your way up to brush all teeth. Do this 2-4 times a week.

As for cats: Start as a kitten and you will have a much more compliant adult cat. 

5. Dental Chews

We recommend Oravet chews! 

Dental Disease can be deadly!

Bacteria on tooth surface

Healthy gums and teeth in a dog

What our clients say...

"Their concern for your pet's well-being is obvious. Fantastic vets and technicians. Friendly and knowledgeable. My small dog needed multiple tooth extractions. They called me every step of the way with progress updates. After the dental, they let me know he was awake and on the lap of one of the techs. They kept him for a few hours after surgery to make sure he was okay. The called the day after to see how my little fellow was doing. They reiterated that if I had any questions or if my guy had any problems, to give them a call. My dog also had lumps in his mouth that I had them biopsy. The results came within a few days and they called me right away (on a Saturday). Fortunately, the lumps were not cancerous, but if they had been, I know they would do everything they could to help him."

"They are wonderful! My 5-year-old Yorkie was in need of her first dental cleaning. I chose them based on the great reviews I read, AAHA accreditation, and their upfront pricing for dental services. I was nervous to put my tiny dog under anesthesia, but Dr. Herbst was in contact throughout the procedure to give me updates and discuss what services she recommended before performing them. Everyone I encountered throughout our procedure was so nice and caring - both vets, the technicians and front desk staff - and couldn't stop commenting on how sweet my dog was. I feel that she was in very good and skillful hands. We live 30 minutes away, but the drive is totally worth it and I will continue to use them for any major procedures!"