Helping Senior Pets Age Well

A lot has changed since you brought that fluffy puppy home years ago, and you must change the way you care for your pet as they age. Senior diets, dietary supplements, pain assessment, acupuncture and laser therapy, and environmental changes are a few essential components of good senior pet care. All Pets Medical Center wants [...]

A Year In The Life: Planning A Pawsitive First Year With Your Puppy

It’s impossible to resist a new puppy’s sweet breath and velvet-soft fur. Puppies are fluff balls full of energy who, like human children, require lots of attention, observation, and training. Your puppy’s first year of life will be a steep learning curve of adjustment and discovery for you and your new furry friend. Puppyhood will [...]

The Tooth of the Matter: Common Pet Dental Myths Busted

It is a common misconception that pets do not require routine dental care. But, your pet’s teeth are similar to yours, and they also need regular dental care, including daily toothbrushing and professional cleanings, to prevent dental disease. Unfortunately, many other myths exist regarding pet dental care, which means that pets often receive inadequate care, [...]

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